Ralph's Famous Italian Ices is located at 144 East 24th St, NYC 10010, between Lexington & 3rd Ave • Open 12pm - 11pm Daily


The rain is shutting us down at 10pm tonight. Stop in now for #GrahamCrunch while it's still in stock!!@sarahshaber knows how to stock up #grahamcrunch #closingsoonAll of your favorites are back in! Stock up now before it's too late. Pints @ $5 not pictured, but as they say go big or go home πŸ§πŸ™ŒπŸ§The bad news...our finally delivery didn't come Wednesday. The good news...it's coming today! Stock up now for all of your summer favorites.Woah @onemorebite_... Our hats are off to you for this stellar pic. Definitely one of our favs of the season #regram 🎩🍧🍦